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Welcome to West Green Fruits
Pick Your Own fruit in Hartley Wintney, Hook, Hampshire, RG27 8LP


What a gorgeous month March became with some stunningly beautiful weather. The old saying goes that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and how true has that been. Being able to sit outside unseasonably for the odd lunchtime or cup of tea is, for me, a joy. The cat is delighted because of the seat cushion that became available.

On top of that working outside is so pleasurable, especially for repetitive jobs. The raspberry canes have had their tops nipped out, partly for realistic picking height but also, as for any prune, to stimulate a better crop. At the same time those canes needing additional tying up, thanks to broken ties through the winter, were done too. Tedious jobs but so much nicer with a bit of warmth and sun.

The blackberry and hybrid canes that fruited last year have now been cut out and the new growth, for 2020 cropping, will grow unimpeded and be kept under control from the start. A far nicer way to deal with rampant spikey plants I must say! Fleece has also been put over one large bed of strawberries, which will be uncovered ultimately as two plots to give a gradual lead in to the main beds. That is the plan, but then we are dealing with nature!

The point of fleecing beds is to play with picking dates, but the downside is the need to remove it and replace it from time to time to apply fertilizer, fungicide etc., or even to cool the plants down if the weather becomes too warm so risking disease from too humid conditions. This can mean daily ‘on and off’, which a real trial if only timewise. There is also the problem of deer trampling on it to break through and eat the prematurely juicy leaves compared to their other options. 

The weed control in both the strawberry and raspberry beds is looking excellent at the moment and so should carry through the season better than we’ve enjoyed for a few years. It’s a difficult thing to achieve, not least because you don’t want to cause damage to the plants and more significantly, and quite rightly, there must be no risk to a food crop for the consumer. On top of that the cost of chemicals is eyewatering if not used properly and labour for manual control is time consuming, backbreaking but also very costly. That said, those souls who do the job during the spring and summer have always done a good job and willingly. We are so grateful to them.

For this year we have a bit of a staff change due to some of the merry band of the last few years coming to the end of education or having work experience opportunities that will occupy them this year. Thus, it will be a summer of rather more training than we have done for a while but we are looking forward to welcoming back those that are returning along with those lined up for their induction to life with the Hazells, and Carolyn in particular!

Mowing commences in earnest this week to get the field into its garden look ready for June, but before that we have Andrew doing a short walk and talk in the field followed by a Strawberry Cream Tea at home in aid of the HMR churches on May 11th and so we need to be looking tip-top for that too.

Thus, everything is underway looking towards seeing all our customers again from June.

With Best wishes,
Andrew, Carolyn and all who help us



We rotate the charities who benefit from a share of our summer sin bins each year and these charities are:







Located close to West Green Fruits the gardens are opened a few days each year to the public, and are truly beautiful and unique and more than worth the visit. The garden is advertised as part of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS). Turn left on to the road as you leave us and follow the lane for approximately 1 mile, towards Mattingley. Dipley Mill is on the right hand side, with well signed parking when open and you can have a delicious tea during your visit. For further details do visit 



A warm welcome awaits you at this family run small hotel. 
They cater for private parties and functions too. or call 01256 760232

For 2018 we are joining with Hook House for family wreath making - see our 2018 - Christmas BArn information page and the Christmas page for information


Do you have furniture in need of a little TLC or major TLC?
Andrew Dunn at Mattingley Restoration is a highly skilled and expert restorer of both modern and antique furniture.
He will rennovate repair, polish, remove scratches or marks or deal with anything so that your furniture is back where it should be!

Visit, e mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 07929 300 928

2019 Fruit Season ended Saturday August 2019

We re-open in 2020 around the second week of June
Please check this site, follow us on Facebook or call 01252 845772 for up to date information. 


Product availability

Product availability is listed below and changes as the season progresses, even during the day as we pick.
Do call our mobile number 07954 730143 during open hours ONLY for any specific information / availability.



We do supply baskets but ask that you avoid wasting them and just take what you need for the quantity you wish to pick,
We use recyclable and re-useable containers.
We cannot re-use dirty baskets that are discarded.

You are very welcome to bring your own containers if you prefer, just get them weighed before you go picking so that we can deduct their weight when you return to pay.


PYO ETIQUETTE - 'Pick, Pay, Eat'

It saddens us to have to make this statement but it is important that our visitors and customers understand that West Green Fruits is a business,and that 'Pick Your Own' means 'Pick, Pay then Eat' i.e. everything that you and your companions pick must be paid for before it is eaten.

Normal shopping rules apply regarding purchase and payment, and so please do not take offence if spoken to by a member of our staff regarding unpaid for fruit.

Unlike many PYO businesses we have chosen not to charge any entry payment as we prefer to rely upon honesty.

We wish we did not have to state the obvious but not everyone appears to understand that they are visiting a business, but we thank the majority who do.



We are not able to let you bring your dogs on site other than in a vehicle.

Our only exception is for assistance dogs such as a guide dog or hearing dog. This is an insurance and Environmental Health Department requirement.

We are dog lovers ourselves and have 4, but they are not walked in the the fruit fields all summer, even outside of working hours.

Orders and Ready Picked:

As well as pick-your-own sales we offer ready picked produce at our shop and are happy to take orders and give advice if needed. Just ask! We can also take orders for fruit outside our own season - just ask and if we can help, we will.

If you need more than a kilo or two PLEASE pre-order if at all possible to avoid disappointment. We pick fresh every day and on a busy day we may not be able to supply a large quantity from the shelf.

Other Summer Produce:


Jude's Ice-cream

New for 2018 is Jude's Ice-Cream and their Mango Sorbet for those who have dairy and gluten free needs. 
This will be sold predominently in single portion sized pots, with some 500ml pots. 
If you're having a party we can obtain a wide selection of flavours in 4litre sizes.


Jams and Marmalades

These are made especially for us by the lovely Janet and Amy and labelled as 'West Green Fruits'.

The marmalades are made with fruit from foreign parts while the jams are predominently our own fruit, picked by us. The marmalades are quite a speciality and our range include more than just Orange Marmalade.



Made locally, some of which include beers from our local brewery - Andwell's.


Local Honey

English Honey is ever rarer but our supplier's honey is certainly English Honey at its best. 

We sell honey from local producers and our hope it to sell our own home produced honey made with nectar from the PYO fruit flowers in due course. Bee keeping is still quite a new departure for us and so home produced supplies are limited.


Free Range Eggs

The truly delicious eggs we sell are from happy hens that live in Mattingley, a couple of miles away, on a farm that has been producing wonderful Free Range Eggs since long before ethical egg production was considered the right way to do things. 
Try some and you'll be converted by their freshness and flavour.


Summer Vegtables 

A selection of summer vegtables are always available, including the always popular new potatoes, if there is anything specific you would like please ask.


Current PYO Seasonal Availability:

DO CALL 07954 730143 for up to date information before travelling

  • LOCAL HAMPSHIRE HONEY -available in our CHRISTMAS BARN from Nov 23rd
  • JUDE'S ICE-CREAM - available

We charge 5p for carrier bags

2019 Christmas Barn

Our Christmas Barn opens on Saturday 23rd November at 9am.

We are open SEVEN days a week from Saturday 23rd November until either Sunday 22nd December or until we sell out of trees.

Available at the Christmas Barn are locally grown Christmas Trees and home-produced Wreaths for you to decorate uniquely yourself or buy ready decorated by us.  We also sell unusual baubles, candles and our normal selection of Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys and Honey for those little gifts.

We can take orders and make deliveries (for which there may be a small fee).


We enjoy visits from a variety of groups, of all age groups, each year during the fruit season within opening hours. 

We can cater for activity visits for organisations such as nursery schools and beavers, brownies etc as well as informative visits for clubs and organisations wishing to learn a little about what we do, both with the Pick Your Own and also the farm in general.

Please contact me either by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 01252 845772 to discuss what you need.

We do not generally make a charge but any fruit picked must be paid for.
Additionally, depending upon the nature of your visit we will ask for a donation for our chosen charities for the year.

We CANNOT accomodate coach parties


Sponsorship and Donations

Every year we are asked to donate fruit or sponsor different events.

We are delighted to be able to support local organisations and charities but we have to limit the level of annual donations we are able to make, and as a general rule we do not promote other businesses.

Please feel free to contact us regarding sponsorship and donations but with the understanding that we may not be able to help you at that particular time.

One form of 'sponsorship' that we are very keen to encourage is that asked for by our younger customers who make jams etc to sell to raise funds for their schools and charities, and even one year youngsters taking part in a schools' cookery competition.



The people and organisations we 'LINK' with are local and personally known to us.
Unfortunately we are unable to list any corporate organisation. We hope you understand.

Opening Hours


We are now closed
We re-open for 2020 around the second week of June
Please check for information before travelling


The Christmas Barn opens:
is now CLOSED for 2019

We reserve the right to close without notice if necessary

Visit Christmas Barn Website

Planting strawberries

Getting ready for the new season, planting out the strawberries.


The crop of delicious strawberries.


The girls in their uniform.

Job well done

Job well done!