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We rotate the charities who benefit from a share of our summer sin bins each year and these charities are:







Jella is going to use our fruit for her ice-cream and sorbets and can be contacted on 07805 432176 or via or e mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Jella's is a small business based at Four Marks and will be selling locally and we will also sell the ice-cream from our booth in 500ml pots to take home



Located close to West Green Fruits the gardens are opened a few days each year to the public, and are truly beautiful and unique and more than worth the visit. The garden is advertised as part of the National Gardens Scheme (NGS). Turn left on to the road as you leave us and follow the lane for approximately 1 mile, towards Mattingley. Dipley Mill is on the right hand side, with well signed parking when open and you can have a delicious tea during your visit. For further details do visit 



A warm welcome awaits you at this family run small hotel. 
They cater for private parties and functions too. or call 01256 760232


As always we gather a collection of other people's treasures through the summer, some of which is of the more expensive variety - coats, spectacles etc!

If you are missing anything do check this page at any time in the hope that someone has found it and handed it in, or leave a message at the booth so that we can contact you if it turns up.

If you lose anything, including money, do let us know so that we can make a note of the date / details etc and your contact information so that we can contact you if it's found.

Any money not reclaimed is always added to our 'Sin Bin' collection at the end of the season for the benefit of our chosen charities.

Items such as spectacles are given to charities that send to Africa in January

Anything else worthwhile is given to the local Hospice shop in January and anything left over is then binned ready to start the following season!



 The cupbaord is currently bare!


We enjoy visits from a variety of groups, of all age groups, each year during the fruit season or at other times.

We can cater for activity visits for organisations such as nursery schools and beavers, brownies etc as well as informative visits for clubs and organisations wishing to learn a little about what we do, both with the Pick Your Own and also the farm in general.

Please contact me either by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone: 01252 845772 to discuss what you need.

We do not generally make a charge but any fruit picked will be charged for.
Additionally, depending upon the nature of your visit we will ask for a donation for our chosen charities for the year.


Sponsorship and Donations

Every year we are asked to donate fruit or sponsor different events.

We are delighted to be able to support local organisations and charities but we have to limit the level of annual donations we are able to make, and as a general rule we do not promote other businesses.

Please feel free to contact us regarding sponsorship and donations but with the understanding that we may not be able to help you at that particular time.

One form of 'sponsorship' that we are very keen to encourage is that asked for by our younger customers who make jams etc to sell to raise funds for their schools and charities, and even one year youngsters taking part in a schools' cookery competition.



The people and organisations we 'LINK' with are local and personally known to us.
Unfortunately we are unable to list any corporate organisation. We hope you understand.


SATURDAY AUGUST 12th - open 10am to 12pm ONLY
Please check our opening hours / facebook / 01252 845772 for latest information

Our end of season opening hours are:
TUESDAY and FRIDAY ONLY 10am to 6pm
CLOSED - Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday all day

Do please check this site, our landline message service (01252 845772) or follow us on Facebook for the latest availability information and 
we are look forward to seeing you.

Our Sin Bin collections for 2016 totalled £858.64 for St Michael's Hospice, Basingstoke and The Matthew Elvidge Trust. 

Our charities for 2017 are:
The Matthew Elvidge Trust &
Naomi House and Jacksplace Hospices

Pick-Your-Own information:

For picking your own we do supply baskets but ask that you avoid wasting them and just take what you need for the quantity you wish to pick,
We cannot re-use dirty baskets that are discarded.

Also, while it may seem obvious, 'Pick Your Own' means 'Pick and Pay' and so everything that you pick must be paid for before it is eaten.

Additionally, whilst it is stated elsewhere on our website we are not able to let you bring your dogs on site other than in a vehicle.
Our only exception is for assistance dogs such as a guide dog or hearing dog.
This is an insurance requirement.
We are dog lovers ourselves and have 5, but they are not walked in the the fruit fields all summer, even outside of working hours.


We have ready picked produce available at our shop but if you need something specifically we are very happy to take orders. If you want a larger quantity pre-ordering will avoid disappointment.

Other Summer Produce:

We sell Jella's Artisan Gelato & Sorbets and a wonderful selection of Jams and Chutneys, local Honey and Free Range Eggs.
New for 2017 is our very own jam.
We are having it made locally using all our own fruit (other than for marmalades and the like!) and we will be selling chutneys made locally, some of which include beers from our local brewery - Andwell's.

Christmas Barn:

We open again for our 2017 CHRISTMAS BARN on November 25th until December 22nd (while stocks last), and we hope you will visit us then too.
Please visit our Christmas page for information - we open on November 25th 2016 @ 9.30am


Current PYO Seasonal Availability: DO CALL 07954 730143 for upto date info before travelling

  • RHUBARB - available
  • STRAWBERRIES -  NO PYO - ready picked available daily whilst stock lasts
  • GOOSEBERRIES - season over
  • RASPBERRIES - Autumn raspberries
  • BLACK CURRANTS - season over
  • REDCURRANTS - season finished
  • BLUEBERRIES - ready picked ONLY
  • BLACKBERRIES - between crops, some availability
  • CHERRIES - season over
  • NEW POTATOES - ready dug ONLY
  • SUMMER VEGETABLES - a selection in our shop - ready picked ONLY
  • ASPARAGUS - season over
  • RUNNER BEANS - as available, locally grown
  • HOMEMADE JAM - our own homemade jam
  • LOCAL FREE RANGE EGGS - Thackham's Farm eggs
  • LOCAL HONEY - Hampshire Honey - runny & set
  • HOMEMADE ICE-CREAM - Jella's Ice Cream, flavoured with our fruit as it becomes available

 We now 'charge' 5p/bag to charity for each carrier bag you use and donate it to our charities

Opening Hours


CHANGED hours for the end of the 2017 PYO season

Our opening hours are now:

Tuesday 10am - 6pm
Friday 10am to 6pm

Sunday CLOSED all day
Monday CLOSED all day
Wednesday CLOSED all day
Thursday CLOSED all day

Please call 01252 845772 for information from May 1st

Once our season has started, a mobile is also available during WORKING HOURS only - 
07954 730143.



Our Christmas Barn will re-open this year on the last Saturday of November
In the meantime we are looking forward to seeing you through the summer or for Christmas.

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