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Gooseberry Chutney


What a gorgeous month March became with some stunningly beautiful weather. The old saying goes that if March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb and how true has that been. Being able to sit outside unseasonably for the odd lunchtime or cup of tea is, for me, a joy. The cat is delighted because of the seat cushion that became available.

On top of that working outside is so pleasurable, especially for repetitive jobs. The raspberry canes have had their tops nipped out, partly for realistic picking height but also, as for any prune, to stimulate a better crop. At the same time those canes needing additional tying up, thanks to broken ties through the winter, were done too. Tedious jobs but so much nicer with a bit of warmth and sun.

The blackberry and hybrid canes that fruited last year have now been cut out and the new growth, for 2020 cropping, will grow unimpeded and be kept under control from the start. A far nicer way to deal with rampant spikey plants I must say! Fleece has also been put over one large bed of strawberries, which will be uncovered ultimately as two plots to give a gradual lead in to the main beds. That is the plan, but then we are dealing with nature!

The point of fleecing beds is to play with picking dates, but the downside is the need to remove it and replace it from time to time to apply fertilizer, fungicide etc., or even to cool the plants down if the weather becomes too warm so risking disease from too humid conditions. This can mean daily ‘on and off’, which a real trial if only timewise. There is also the problem of deer trampling on it to break through and eat the prematurely juicy leaves compared to their other options. 

The weed control in both the strawberry and raspberry beds is looking excellent at the moment and so should carry through the season better than we’ve enjoyed for a few years. It’s a difficult thing to achieve, not least because you don’t want to cause damage to the plants and more significantly, and quite rightly, there must be no risk to a food crop for the consumer. On top of that the cost of chemicals is eyewatering if not used properly and labour for manual control is time consuming, backbreaking but also very costly. That said, those souls who do the job during the spring and summer have always done a good job and willingly. We are so grateful to them.

For this year we have a bit of a staff change due to some of the merry band of the last few years coming to the end of education or having work experience opportunities that will occupy them this year. Thus, it will be a summer of rather more training than we have done for a while but we are looking forward to welcoming back those that are returning along with those lined up for their induction to life with the Hazells, and Carolyn in particular!

Mowing commences in earnest this week to get the field into its garden look ready for June, but before that we have Andrew doing a short walk and talk in the field followed by a Strawberry Cream Tea at home in aid of the HMR churches on May 11th and so we need to be looking tip-top for that too.

Thus, everything is underway looking towards seeing all our customers again from June.

With Best wishes,
Andrew, Carolyn and all who help us


Opening Hours


We are now closed
We re-open for 2020 around the second week of June
Please check for information before travelling


The Christmas Barn opens:
Saturday 23rd November 2019
until stock runs out
or Sunday 22nd December latest

Open DAILY (inc Mondays)
9am - 4.30pm

We reserve the right to close without notice if necessary



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