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May 31, 2021

Firstly, we hope that all of our customers have had a reasonable, or better, winter since we last saw you between lockdown and Covid. It's been such a difficult year for so many people and our hope is that your families have not been too adversly affected. 

Regarding life at West Green Fruits, there is a saying - "be careful what you wish for"! The rain came in May and whilst it hasn’t been awful, I imagine many of you would like it to stop! It has come in steady doses in quantums of around 10mm, which has been good and there is another old saying that goes “a cold wet May fills the barns with corn and hay”. We're hoping it does.

Today, it’s a gorgeous May Bank Holiday Monday, with hordes on the beaches and anywhere else that one might enjoy travelling to and thus it is a little warmer than we’ve been used to. We have probably had sufficient rain now to carry us through for our strawberries etc and the farm crops (mainly wheat this year), including grass for hay and a bit of warmth does a lot of good. It’s such a relief after last Spring’s drought which you may remember meant our strawberries were not as plentiful as normal.

The raspberry plants are coming on well and despite the overall cooler temperatures this Spring they look nicely spread in terms of their development. The strawberries, even those under fleece to bring them forward like a greenhouse, are behind for the time of year and so a slightly later start in the PYO fields is on the cards. That said, nature could play catch up and surprise us. It often does.

Other than finishing the last sessions of potting up raspberries, May has been used to build ‘tabletops’ for holding grow-bags for a later small crop of strawberries. Apart from extending the season (everyone always wants a strawberry!) this will also allow easier access for some customers who cannot pick from the ground. Our trial on bales last year, which you may remember, was popular and this permanent arrangement will be better on several levels.

The rhubarb patch went mad once the rain got into the soil and so, once again, we had a Sunday morning rhubarb sale so that the plants were thinned and the fruit not wasted. It took three of us most of Saturday to pull, trim and sort the stems (and generate sore backs and legs) but it was a good job jobbed, and it was so nice to see our customers again while getting into our summer groove a little bit. The shop has been partly prepared and the rest will follow shortly.

The general farm crops have at last taken off with the rain and improved temperatures, compared to April, and so are beginning to look productive. Driving around over the last few days there are fields of grass being cut for winter silage at last, which is stored for animal feed for next winter. Hay is a later June crop needing warmth and good sunshine, ideally around 5 days, to dry it sufficiently while silage only needs wilting and hence is earlier.

That said, with grass growth for cropping its also growing in the fruit field and so we are now mowing like mad around the fruit plots so it’s ready for opening later in June when we look forward to welcoming you back.

We will, of course, keep any arrangements in place for Covid reasons, as last year, but your experience should not be hindered even so.

Enjoy the rest of the Bank Holiday and we look forward to seeing you later in june along with our staff all of whom are returning.

Best wishes
Andrew and Carolyn x

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