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We hope all our visitors enjoy their time at West Green Fruits
Booking is not needed - just arrive!

During your visit we ask that parents and guardians always supervise their children in the interests of safety, especially in the car park, but also in the fruit fields and surrounding paths and tracks that are open to our visitors.

Please remember that West Green Fruits operates on private property and as such we ask that you always respect it and our staff, and do not stray into other areas of the farm.

Please keep to the areas open for fruit picking for your safety.

West Green Fruits sits within a working farm and produces high quality summer berries for you to pick and enjoy once paid for.
We do not offer other facilities and there are no loos on site so do make sure you and your party are 'comfortable' before you arrive.


  • While picking please remember that you need to pick, weigh, pay and then eat!
  • Empty punnets are available at the entrance for you to pick into.
  • If you prefer to bring your own containers, please have them weighed on arrival before you pick so that we can charge you correctly for what you pick
  • Most of our fruit and vegetables are sold by weight.
  • Bring everything you and your party have picked to our shop, where we stock a selection of summer vegetables, jams, honey, eggs etc too
  • Your fruit and vegetables will be weighed and charged accordingly along with any other produce you chose.
  • Please keep your till receipt whilst you are on site for any checks we are making

PYO ETIQUETTE is simple - 'PICK, WEIGH & PAY before EATING'!

We apologise to those customers and visitors who do not need this explaining,

BUT to avoid any misunderstanding:

  • All visitors and customers must understand that West Green Fruits is a business
  • 'Pick Your Own' means 'Pick, Weigh and Pay for all you and your party (including children) pick before Eating'.
  • Our business operates on honesty meaning that everything you and your group pick (whatever your ages) must be paid for before any is eaten.
  • Please only pick the quantity you are prepared to pay for. Prices are clearly stated, and staff will advise on likely costs before you pick, if asked.
  • It is not acceptable to change your mind if you pick too much.
  • If anyone is found eating without paying for their fruit they will be asked to leave
  • Please supervise children and teach them not to eat while picking prior to paying. Making filling their punnets a competition often solves this problem!
  • Please prevent children from jumping or trampling over or through crops - it causes damage
  • Eating fruit whilst picking or before paying is theft and unacceptable.
  • We reserve the right to restrict entry or ask visitors to leave


Agricultural vehicles pass through and/or work in the fields surrounding the fruit fields.

Tractors and machinery are exciting for many of our visitors but do need to be given respect and space for your safety.

If it’s possible our staff can ask the drivers to stop so you can have a peek in them, but please do not be disappointed if they can't that day and please do not flag them down yourself.
Just ask one of us in the shop and we’ll do what we can for you.


We are happy for customers to bring a pic-nic but these must be taken in the area immediately adjacent to the shop and not elsewhere.
Staff will ask customers found enjoying a pic-nic anywhere else on site to move back to the shop area.


As a family we love our dogs, but we are unable allow dogs anywhere on site (other than registered assistance dogs) at any time.
BBQs are also never permitted.

These two issues are not of our own making, but for safety and insurance reasons, and dogs are not everyone's cup of tea!
Please speak to a member of staff if you need to park so that we can monitor your dog in your car as you will need to leave your windows open.


Historically we have always had collection tins by the tills for donations and loose change to be given to our chosen charities.

Any donations are given to our chosen charities along with carrier bag charges taken - it is surprising how the pennies have added up over the years and many of our customers are very generous.

As our sales are now predominantly contactless / card payments this means that the cash value has reduced in our collection tins, as is the case for all charities.
Thus, we now ask customers if they would like to make any donations by card, added to their bills. Please do not feel embarrassed to say no!

Our collection will go to The Matthew Elvidge trust, which works to destigmatise and help with depression and anxiety in the young.

The purpose of this charity is one that touches many of our visiting families in some way, especially in more recent times.
Thus, customers’ donations made via card payments, are separately identified on our tills and passed to the trust at the end of the season. 

A proportion of our sunflower sales is also added to the donations for The Matthew Elvidge Trust.

If you wish to support The Matthew Elvidge Trust your donation, be it 1p or more, will be gratefully appreciated.
We will have information in the shop too.

We hope that you will enjoy visiting us through the summer and if you have any ideas or suggestions that you think would make your visit even more enjoyable do share them with us, and we look forward to seeing you.

Opening Hours


The Christmas Barn opens:

24th November 2022
9am to 5pm DAILY
until December 22nd or until we sell out!

The Christmas website can be reached from the 'Christmas' tab on the top bar of this site.


Our 2022 PYO season has now ended and we are closed until our Christmas Barn opens on November 22nd

TEL: 07954 730143 - open hours only
e mails can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
INFO MESSAGE: 01252 845772

(We reserve the right to close without prior notice and to limit entry as necessary)