A word of warning - gooseberries are very susceptible to late frosts and so the crop can be badly affected depending upon the Spring we have had!!


Pink dessert Gooseberries - available Late June

These are very popular and are reminiscent to many customers of their Grandmother’s gardens.

Not often seen in recent years they are sweeter than their green cousins and make delicious pies and fools.

Like all gooseberries they freeze beautifully.


Green Gooseberries - Late June

If allowed to ripen fully these are sweet enough to eat off the bush!

They freeze well and make jam which turns a little pinkish. 

Jam made with elderflower is particularly nice and if the elderflower and gooseberries aren’t ready together try using some elderflower cordial instead.


Red and Yellow Gooseberries - Late July

The yellow and red gooseberries are on new plants, and although these do not crop heavily they are nice fruits. 

Red gooseberries, particularly, can be eaten 'raw' when fully ripe.


Uses for Gooseberries:

  • delicious jams
  • pies
  • fools and ice-cream
  • add elderfower and the two flavours compliment each other beautifully for jams and when cooked
  • Use either fresh elderflowers if they are both in season together, or else elderflower cordial