Other Fruits

Blackcurrants - available July – late August

We have two varieties of Blackcurrants. 

They are marvellous for many uses including summer puddings, wine making and homemade ‘ribena’ as well as cooked and in ice-cream.

They have good flavour, which is most distinctive, and freeze well. If freezing I do not worry about topping and tailing them to remove greenery - it mainly shatters off in the freezing and the rest cooks away or strains away once cooked!

What to do with Blackcurrants:

  • make delicious jam and jelly
  • mix with rhubarb or apple when making pies and crumbles for a bit of a change
  • they give a wonderful deep colour to summer pudding and
  • of course you can make your very own version of 'Ribena'.

If making a cordial do keep it in the fridge and use quite quickley. Alternatively freeze in small amounts so that your cordial is always 'fresh'.


Redcurrants - available July – mid August

Redcurrants not only look pretty but ours have excellent flavour and can be used for a coarse jam or jelly to be eaten as a condiment. 

A German customer introduced me to eating redcurrants just like raspberries and strawberries – in a bowl with a little sugar and cream. Delicious.

Much like their black counterparts they freeze well and if you freeze them with their strigs still attached they can be easily forked off (whilst frozen) before use.

What to do with Redcurrants:

  • Redcurrant jelly or a garnish for puddings. 
  • My family likes redcurrant jam instead of redcurrant jelly and its saves me from straining the jam to create jelly!
  • use as a delicious fruit in their own right - they are lovely when eaten with natural yoghurt (and probably sugar / honey in most of our cases!)
  • they are also nice as part of the fruit mix when making summer puddings


Blackberries - available mid / late July to end of season

Our original Blackberries are again in two varieties and are large and luxurious looking with a delicious flavour. 

They freeze well and make wonderful bramble jelly, as kindly supplied to me by one of my customers.

They make a delicate ice cream, which I like but is not overly flavourful in this guise.

Our early blackberries, added in 2011, are a variety called Silvan Berries and are a large juicy start to the blackberry season with a delicious flavour. 

See also Boysenberries in our Hybrid Berries link

What to do with Blackberries:

  • if truely ripe - delicious on their own (much like a bowl of raspberries or strawberries)
  • and of course perfect with apple in pies and crumbles
  • or made into bramble jams and jellies.

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