All season cropping

All our raspberries are now grown in pots, except for a small quantity of yellow ‘autumn’ raspberries which are a very old variety and ready towards the end of our season.

Our potted raspberries allow consistently excellent summer berries, with even and plentiful cropping throughout our season.

The fruit is beautifully presented for easy picking, making the final pick easier too.

Our summer raspberry variety is ’Tulameen’, a popular, juicy and tasty variety.
We have grown this variety for many years because of its excellent flavour and lovely looks.
The berries keep and freeze well and make excellent jam with good flavour and colour.

Our yellow raspberries are ‘All Gold’ – a very old variety that your grandparents might have grown in their gardens!
The berries are much more fragile than the red raspberries and need eating quickly. They will, however, freeze but are softer when defrosted.

Opening Hours


The Christmas Barn opens:

24th November 2022
9am to 5pm DAILY
until December 22nd or until we sell out!

The Christmas website can be reached from the 'Christmas' tab on the top bar of this site.


Our 2022 PYO season has now ended and we are closed until our Christmas Barn opens on November 22nd

TEL: 07954 730143 - open hours only
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INFO MESSAGE: 01252 845772

(We reserve the right to close without prior notice and to limit entry as necessary)

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