All season cropping

We now grow raspberries as normal in the ground, and also in pots.

This means that we can grow raspberries with even cropping throughout the season, something that isn't easy to do with differing varieties to create a spread of crop.

The fruit from the potted raspberries also happens to present itself beautifully so that they are less hidden by new growth, something in our trials that customers of all ages liked, making it wasy to find those last berries.

Glen Ample

A lovely, well loved and popular raspberry with our customers over many years which has excellent flavour and looks wonderful too. Good for freezing and jam and I occasionally use frozen raspberries instead of blackberries in crumbles etc through the winter for a change.


We have grown this variety for a number of years and it remains very popular with our customers and has excellent flavour with lovely looks.

It keeps and freezes well and makes tasty jam.

Cascade Delight

The fruit is large and attractive to look at and has an excellent flavour and because of the foliage copes well with wet weather, but less so with wind.

It makes good wine.

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