Symphony Early June – Late July

With some careful juggling with fleece and straw to extend its season either side of it's normal season this beautiful large, glossy strawberry with fabulous flavour should be available for a number of weeks.
It stores well, if allowed to, and makes delicious jam, coulis and even pies for those who like cooked strawberries


Fenella Late June - Mid July

Fenella is a new variety we grow a few of. The flaour is excellent and they help in the bridge between our deep strawed strawberries and our later crop.


Malwina Mid July - Early August

Malwina, was new to us in 2012, and provides late srawberries, beyond the timescale of our deep strawed beds of Symphony.
The berries are large, very deep crimson red and can be found in funny shapes. They are good for trying to find the 'biggest strawberry'!


Strawberries generally don’t freeze well due to their juiciness, but good jam can be made using previously frozen fruits. You can, thus, make jam when its convenient for you. Just defrost the fruit with the sugar on top - it seems to keep the colour better.

If you puree the berries with sugar to your taste the resultant coulis / sauce is handy through the winter as it freezes well.

Opening Hours


Our PYO season will start around mid-June 
The date will be announced ASAP

We look forward to seeing everyone

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The Christmas Barn opens:

22nd November 2022
9am to 5pm DAILY
until December 22nd or until we sell out!

The Christmas website can be reached from the 'Chroistmas' tab on the top bar of this site.