Symphony is our main crop variety of strawberry.
It is a beautiful large, glossy strawberry with fabulous flavour and (weather depending) should be available for several weeks.
Be aware, though, that wet or hot weather can shorten the season considerably, and conversely if it is cool and dry the season can go on for a while longer than normal. Strawberry growing is tricky!
Symphony stores well, if you don’t eat them all in one go, and makes delicious jam, coulis and even pies for those who like cooked strawberries


Malwina provides a later summer strawberry crop following on from our Symphony beds.
Depending upon the season there can be a short gap between crops, but rest assured we still have ready – picked strawberries in our shop.
Malwina berries are large, very dark crimson red and can be found in funny shapes sometimes, which delight our younger customers.
They are a great variety for trying to find your 'biggest strawberry' ever when the crop first ripens! One of our sons-in-law found one weighing nearly 4 ounces once!!

Strawberries generally don’t freeze well due to their water content, but good jam can be made using previously frozen fruits.
This makes jam making so much more convenient – just pre-prep the berries and freeze in the amounts you like for jam making.
Defrost the fruit with the sugar on top - it seems to keep the colour better -and then brew away in your normal way!

If you puree the berries with sugar to your taste the resultant coulis / sauce is handy through the winter as that freezes well too, unlike whole berries.


Our customers always want to pick strawberries for as long as possible and so recently we have grown the equivalent of a quarter or an acre on table-tops.

This has been quite a learning curve for us, but I think we’re getting the hang of it now!

These strawberries follow on from our Malwina crop as the small finale of the season.