You can try all sorts of variations on your theme with summer fruits.

My father, who first started West Green Fruits, was something of a purist in his fruit eating habits – i.e. strawberries and raspberries should be eaten as such or used for jam, and that was that!,

My family is happy to eat summer fruits cooked or fresh, on the basis that if you like something in whatever form, it’s good.

You can use blackcurrants, tayberries and/or tummelberries instead of blackberries when making crumbles and pies, especially with apple. I even use raspberries sometimes.

Rhubarb and blackcurrants mixed is nice and has a bit of a tangy zing to the flavour. I use approximately 2 parts rhubarb to 1 part blackcurrants.

Gooseberries tend to be better sieved when making fools, sorbets and ice cream as the skins and pips can be a bit disappointing. However, whole gooseberries in pies and crumbles are delicious as they come.

We always welcome suggestions for recipes, and as time goes by we hope to increase our selection with customers’ favourites.

Whilst strawberries do not freeze well frozen strawberries still make excellent jam, like most frozen fruit. Just add the sugar to the frozen fruit to defrost ans the strawberries keep their colour well.