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Our 2022 PYO season has started.
Please check Opening Hours
We are always closed on Mondays

COVID-19 statement for 2022 PYO Season

West Green Fruits will continue to operate in a way that will look after our staff, ourselves and of course all of our customers and visitors as coronavirus continues to circulate. 

There is no need to pre-book to visit, but we cannot take coaches or mini-bus parties without explicit prior agreement.
We will turn away coaches ad mini-bus parties that have not pre-booked.

Please note: there are no lavatories on site other than a porta loo.



  • Empty punnets are available at the entrance for you to pick into (see below)
  • If you bring your own containers please have them weighed on arrival before you pick.
  • Most fruit and vegetables are sold by weight.
  • Please read the PYO Etiquette points below for your visit
  • When you have finished picking bring everything you have picked to our shop where there is a selection of summer vegetables, jams, honey, eggs etc
  • Your fruit and vegetables will be weighed and charged accordingly along with any other produce you chose.
  • Please keep your till receipt whilst you are on site for any checks we are making.


We supply recycleable baskets but ask that you avoid wasting them and just take what you need for the quantity you wish to pick,
We use recyclable and re-useable containers.
We cannot re-use dirty baskets that are discarded and so please only take what you need.
There is a charge for the large cardboard baskets.if less than 2kg of fruit is picked per basket

You are very welcome to bring your own containers if you prefer, just get them weighed at the meet and greet point before you go picking so that we can deduct their weight when you return to pay. 


Orders can be taken for your convenience, and espcially for large quantities.
To place orders for collection please call 07954730143 during open times.
Where possible please place orders 24hrs in advance, especially for busy times such as weekends, but still always ask.
A dedicated collection point will be used for orders, and for those with vulnerabilities we can bring your order to the car by pre-arrangement.


Aavailability is listed below and is updated as the season progresses, even during the day as we pick sometimes.
If you are travelling specially for something particular do check before you set out incase thiings have changed since thee last update.
Crop availability can change during the day.
Do call our mobile number 07954 730143 during open hours ONLY for any specific information / availability. 


PYO ETIQUETTE - 'Pick, Weigh, Pay, Eat'

It is unfortunate that we need to state that when visiting West Green Fruits all fruit picked must be paid for before being eaten.

THUS, to avoid any misunderstanding:

  • All visitors and customers must understand that West Green Fruits is a business
  • 'Pick Your Own' means 'Pick, Weigh and Pay for all you pick before Eating'.
  • Our business still operates on honesty meaning that everything you and your group pick (whatever your ages) must be paid for before any is eaten.
  • Please only pick what you are prepared to pay for. Prices are clearly stated and staff will advise you on likely costs before you pick, if asked.
  • It is not acceptable to change your mind if you pick too much.
  • Please supervise children and teach them not to jump or trample over or through crops - it causes damage.
  • Eating fruit whilst picking or before paying is theft and unacceptable. 
  • We reserve the right to restrict entry or ask visitors to leave


Dogs are not allowed on site other than in a vehicle, where they must stay.

The only exception is for registered assistance dogs such as a guide dog or hearing dog.

Other Summer Produce:

Jude's Ice-cream

Since 2018 we have stocked Jude's Ice-Cream and their Mango Sorbet for those who have dairy and gluten free needs in single portion sized pots. 
We also stock their vegan salted caramel and vanilla flavours.
If you're having a party we can obtain a wide selection of flavours in larger, or even 4litre, sizes.

Jams and Marmalades

Made especially for us under our own label.

Marmalades are made with fruit from foreign parts but the jams are predominently from our own fruit, picked by us. 
The marmalades are quite a speciality and our range includes more than just Seville Orange Marmalade.

Jam Sugar and jars are available to buy for your own brewing!

Channel Island Cream Jersey Cream from Ivy House Farm.
Nearly as thick as clotted cream and, in our opinion, even nicer!


Local Honey

English Honey is ever rarer but our supplier's honey is certainly English Honey at its very best. 
Our honey is from local producers and one day we may even have our own home produced honey made with nectar from the PYO fruit flowers in due course.
Bee keeping remains in its infancy here. Our bees are more like well  looked after pets than productive members of our little ecosystem!!

Free Range Eggs

The truly delicious eggs we sell are from happy hens that live in Mattingley, a couple of miles away, on a farm that has been producing wonderful Free Range Eggs since long before ethical egg production was considered the right way to do things. When they are unable to supply their own they work in conjunction with another producer of their own ilk and so you can be sure that the eggs we sell are good in every sense.
Try some and you'll be converted by their freshness and flavour.
When these are unavailable we hvae eggs from an equally ethical free range egg farm at Wokingham.

Summer Vegtables 

A selection of ready picked summer vegtables are always available, including ever popular new potatoes.
if there is anything specific you would like us to obtain for you please ask.
We no longer grow any vegetables on site, but they come from market daily and wherever possible our produce is British.

Current PYO Seasonal Availability once open:

DO CALL 07954 730143 for any specific information you want to check before travelling or to place ORDERS
A Picking Chart is shown on the 'PICK YOUR OWN' tab for guidance only

  • RHUBARB - crop finished for 2022
  • STRAWBERRIES - available PYO & pre-picked (please order for larger quantities)
  • GOOSEBERRIES - available for PYO and pre-picked
  • RASPBERRIES - currently pre-picked only 
  • BLACKBERRIES- due around mid July
  • BLACKCURRANTS - available for PYO, crop just starting (27/6/22), picking will become easier. Ready picked to order only
  • REDCURRANTS - due around mid July
  • HYBRID BERRIES - first picking starting 27 June
  • NEW POTATOES & SUMMER VEGETABLES - in our shop only - no PYO
  • LOCAL FREE RANGE EGGS - available in our shop
  • LOCAL HAMPSHIRE HONEY - available in our shop
  • JUDE'S ICE-CREAM - available in our shop
  • ORGANIC JESRSEY DOUBLE CREAM - DELICIOUS!!!! - available in our shop. SO spoiling!
  • JAM SUGAR & JAM JARS - Jars available, sugar available in our shop


Every year our customers have generously supported our chosen charity.

With the reduction in cash useage we now take donations by card via a dedicated till button.
Thus, we now ask customers if they would like to make donations added to their card payments. Any donations will be accounted for on the till and then passed to our chosen cause.

This year, we will be passing your donations to THE MATTHEW ELVIDGE TRUST once again, which works to destigmatise depression amongst the young and help those in need via carefully chosen organisations within and outside of the world of education.

2022Christmas Barn

We will have beautiful fresh cut locally grown Christmas Trees and home-produced Wreaths and Garlands again for you to decorate uniquely yourself or buy ready decorated by us or decorated to order. 
We also sell unusual baubles, candles and our normal selection of Jams, Marmalades, Chutneys and Honey for those 'little gifts'.

Our Christmas Barn opens in late November.
The CHristmas Barn operates SEVEN days a week once open until either 22nd December or until we sell out of trees.

We can take orders for any size of tree and deliver for you (for which there may be a small fee).
Follow the link on this site to our Christmas Barn website.

Opening Hours


Our PYO season opens June 14th

SUNDAY 10am - 5pm
MONDAY - always closed

We look forward to seeing everyone

TEL: 07954 730143 - open hours only
e mails can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
INFO MESSAGE: 01252 845772

(We reserve the right to close without prior notice and to limit entry as necessary)


The Christmas Barn opens:

22nd November 2022
9am to 5pm DAILY
until December 22nd or until we sell out!

The Christmas website can be reached from the 'Chroistmas' tab on the top bar of this site.

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